The development effort of a baking plate depends crucially on grade

 of details of the motif. Hence, prices will be calculated individually.

We are happy to submit a binding and free offer.

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No.ArticleQauntityPrice [€]
1Display "Standard"> 173,00
2Display "Premium"> 194,00
3Waffle-Fork, small (2 tines)> 14,50
4Waffle-Fork, big (4 tines)> 16,50
5Release-Agent, 600ml 1 can9,50
6Release-Agent, 600ml6 cans46,00
7Wood-Sticks, 100 Pcs.1 bag4,50
8Wood-Sticks, 100 Pcs.6 bag24,00
9Refurbishing baking-platespair62,00
10Preparation brandingone-off59,00
11Branding, one sideeach 100 s.24,00
12Branding, both sideseach 100 s.36,00

All prices do not contain any taxes. Prices for packaging and transportation start from €14,- for each unit. Check our T&C for further information.