A selection of the most frequently asked questions (in random order):

Material comparison aluminum / cast iron

With the same shape, aluminum has the following advantages: Better heat transfer and shorter heating and cooling times. The material costs play practically no role. The smooth aluminum surface has a better separation effect. No problems with rust. Around 3x lighter (makes the device more robust).

Hygiene comparison aluminum / cast iron

Convenient cleaning of the aluminum baking plates in the dishwasher. Refreshing heavily soiled plates. (basic cleaning + teflon coating) How do I get the best baking results? From our wealth of experience: Thick batter bakes faster and is less sticky. Adding oil and fat improves the separating effect. Separating spray improves the separating effect and reduces baking residues. Baking powder makes your waffle even more airy, the degree of browning of the waffle increases. Special oil with butter aroma refines the taste.

How to increase advertising efficiency?

Experience has shown that a medium-sized snake attracts a larger audience and increases the time spent at the stand. It is therefore advisable to adjust the baking time by controlling the temperature and filling the baking trays quickly.

What are the advantages of the stick waffle?

Very practical when you only have one free hand - such as at trade fairs or when shopping. Increased advertising impact of the waffle in the hand and on the display. Save paper plates. By the way: In a baking pan with stick holders, the waffle can also be baked without a stick at any time.

Can the teflon-coated aluminum plates be used immediately?

Definitely YES! In contrast to the cast steel plates, which have to be baked in for several hours, a single treatment with oil is sufficient.

Can I have baking plates for my own professional waffle maker?

Yes, we also offer compatible baking plates for most professional waffle makers. Depending on the device, these can be replaced without tools.